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In May 2018, new legislation came into force called the general data protection regulation(GDPR). Its all to do with the information that companies(including ours) hold about our customers(You!)

Businesses need to have a clear and visible policy about such information and this document is intended to explain to you what that is.

Firstly the only information that I hold about customers is their contact details(name,address,phone and email if applicable) and order history. When a customer makes an order, I need the contact info to deliver the orders. I store this info both on my website for orders placed that way,and on spreadsheets on my business computer. I have NEVER shared this info with other organisations and Never will. I also periodically send out a customer newsletter,typically 3-4 times per year. In the past, New customers will have automatically been "opted in" to receive them but now they will have to select "yes" on the registration form of our website to get them. If at any time in the future you decide you no longer wish to receive them you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of each newsletter. In a recent newsletter(April 2018) I discussed GDPR and advised customers about their opportunity to unsubscribe from newsletters. Very few people did so I am assuming that everyone else is happy to continue receiving them.

Newsletters are an important tool for business. They allow me to tell you about promotions,offers,new products or any other news,plus I can tell you if I'm about to take holiday which gives you the option to order supplies before I go. They are also useful to simply remind customers that I'm still about and trading!! There are so many businesses sending out memo's theses days and the "impulse buy" sales that they can generate has both good and bad consequences. Good for whoever gets the order and bad(for me) if my customers are tempted by offers to order from elsewhere!! I cannot demand exclusivity from customers, and I realise that there are many alternate suppliers out there,so I would hope customers allow me to continue to send out my newsletters,as it will ensure the sustainability of my business. I never have,or will, contact customers directly to try and secure orders!

When you make a payment on our website, by card or paypal, you will be redirected to their websites to complete the transaction. We don't get to see info such as card numbers, but on the receipt I get it shows your card details with the majority of numbers blanked out.This info is NOT stored anywhere on our website/files.

Your order history is also stored either on the website, or on spreadsheet. This allows me to help you place future orders, if for example you cannot remember the product or quantities ordered previously. If a customer was to ask me to delete this info then I can manually do so on my spreadsheets,but it's currently not possible for me to delete customer accounts on the website, though I believe it soon will be possible for customers to delete their own accounts. Currently all customers placing orders on my website are obliged to give us their contact details(for obvious delivery reasons) but they don't have to set up an account. It is preferable if you do,particularly if you want to make repeat orders. Without an account you will need to re-enter all your info with every order,rather than just logging in, which then automatically shows your contact information, and previous orders.



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We started trading as Nutbags garden bird foods in 2004 and rebranded as New Forest bird foods in 2019. We mainly re-sell products supplied by other companies. All photographs and text wording used are either our own, or supplied by the product manufacturers. We have permission from these companies to use their images and text. In line with copyright law, images and text found on this website may not be copied or displayed elsewhere without our permission.

Updated 05/04/2019

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