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We have numerous items at heavily discounted prices. click the link above to go to our Sale section. There are currently over 40 reduced items with limited stock, more will be added soon. Click the "more" button at the bottom of the sale page to see all sale items.


       Nest boxes Save £4.99               Pedestal bird bath save £5.99




 SUET TUB CAKES 800g Defender niger seed feeder. 4 port Peanut butter feeder & Jar offer Mini Suet and mealworm feeder

We provide a full range of bird foods, treats and accessories and offer a free delivery service to our customers within 30 miles or so of our New Forest base. We can also offer a limited mail order service to the rest of the UK, mainly for feeders and accessories up to about 10kg limit. We are not at this time mailing out whole sacks of seed by mail order due to high costs of delivery.

To aid social distancing customers may make payments online through our website and I can then deliver to your "safe place" such as a porch, shed or garage. If you prefer to pay on delivery and would like me to wear a face mask, please say. 

We have been trading for over 17 years, having set up to undercut Garden centre prices. I'm pleased to say we are still doing it!!

ItemGarden centre Price*Our Price
4kg Peanuts £19.99£10.40
4kg Sunflower Hearts£16.99£11.00
Box of 10 Suet Feasts£12.99£12.00
50 Fat snax(fat balls)£8.99£8.00
Robin or Blue Tit Nest box£6.99£5.99
Gardman large heavy duty seed or peanut feeder£19.99£14.99
Feeding Station£24.99£18.99

*as seen at Haskins, West End,Southampton 19/04/22


Don't forget,we can also obtain pet foods and accessories for our customers. We don't keep these products in stock as the range is huge so please let me know what you need and I'll endeavour to get you a competitive price. As always our pet foods come with free delivery locally. Check out our Pet products page.

We started trading in 2004 and have now sold nearly £2,000,000 of bird foods & other products. Thank you to all our customers for your support.

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Peckish Peanut & Suet feeder
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